With our end-to-end value chain, Afone will be the only partner you need for a high-quality payment service:

E-money solution

Electronic payment terminals

E-money communications

RTC, IP, 3G and fibre telecommunications

Bank payment management

Payment institution: Afone Paiement

Afone Paiement offers a complete solution for electronic payments

Payments: a key to success

Payment was often seen as a simple banking or financial step at the end of the long process of buying and selling.

Nowadays, the management of payments has become increasingly more strategic for businesses.

As regulations, uses and technology have changed, the choice in a payment management partner has evolved into a process of finding a unique strategic advantage.

This decision is far more fundamental today than it was in the past because it can facilitate:

  • a significant increase in turnover through optimal customer experience and an increased conversion rate
  • risk management by intelligently preventing fraud without sacrificing turnover
  • flexibility in your business through the use of a cross-channel platform that provides physical, distance and online services. Fundamental changes in society now require payment solutions adapted to flexible management and a global vision of payments.

Afone Paiement services include:

  • the creation and management of payment accounts
  • contracting with the French interbank (CB) network to allow payments via bank cards, MasterCard, Visa and Amex
  • transaction security
  • clearing of purchases on the payment account
  • the order and receipt of bank transfers and direct debits
  • secure remote Internet access (strong authentication = double authentication)
  • optional integration with other e-money services
  • a France-based customer service centre, open from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 7pm

"If you want something new,
you have to stop doing something old"

Peter Drucker