The payment solution for your online sales

  • ComNpay has been developed by Afone Paiement. As an expert in payments since 2011, Afone Paiement has been creating cross-channel solutions for receiving electronic payments.
  • ComNpay is a complete solution that allows 
merchants to quickly receive payments through their 
e-commerce website.
  • ComNpay is more than a web-based payment solution, its functionalities enable e-traders to increase their conversion rate, generate additional sales, optimise the customer’s experience and prevent fraud.

ComNpay is a solution that is

All inclusive

The Distance Sales Contract is included. As a Payment Institution, Afone Paiement offers an all-inclusive solution for online payments ComNpay provides you with the payment page and the ability to accept card payments without having to visit your bank.


News of Internet fraud schemes are widespread and increasingly putting off merchants and would-be buyers. We ensure optimal security for bank data: we comply with the highest standards in banking security, we are PCI DSS certified. We also offer the customisable 3D Secure system (you can set the threshold at which 3D Secure operates) and other tools to combat online fraud.

In order to send us sensitive data, such as card extractions (following a change of payment institution), you must encrypt this information. To do this, simply send us an email to the following address: by encrypting the data via the PGP key. Click here to recover the key.

Easy to integrate

Integration of our solution is extremely simple: an easy-to-read technical document is made available to you.

ComNpay benefits

  • No subscription or fixed costs on transactions
  • Distance sales contract included
  • Turnkey solution
  • 100% secure
  • Personalised assistance
Discover the solution

Pay only when you sell*

There are no fixed costs and you automatically receive your payments on D+2

*subject to minimum billing of 10 € per month